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L-J 9:00 - 19:00
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Training center of Badajoz (Badajoz)



599 m2 of offices in the main building:
- Board Room
- Library
- Laboratory.
- Reception,
- Student services
- Offices and archives
- 8 classrooms devoted to theoretical training, with free WIFI and / or wired, video projector.
- Two computer rooms equipped with 15 and 30 networked computers  with Polycom video conferencing and whiteboard.
- Two warehouses of 2180 m2 equipped with two classrooms of 90m2, storage room, changing rooms and toilets
- Workshops for training in plumbing, tower crane operator, building maintainance, tiler, painter, backhoe operator, lightweight prefab erector, structural engineering, installation and maintenance of solar thermal systems , renewable energy systems, masonry, auxiliary of continuous coating for operations in progress, masonry operations assistant, auxiliary of rigid construction finishing operations, surveying and stakeout.

- Center of preventive practices
- Crane area equipped with two cranes to provide courses of tower crane
- Machinery Practice Area
- WiFi in main and auxiliary building.
- Parking for 50 spaces
- Three hectares of practice area.
- Machine fleet composed of 4 backhoes, an articulated loader, mini excavators, a dumper and two forklifts.